Disaster Recovery Plan


Be confident in your ability to recover quickly from disaster by proactively putting your plans to the test.

You’re keenly aware of how essential it is to recover data quickly in the aftermath of a disaster. But if the facilities and individuals you rely on to support your recovery are incapacitated by the same disaster, you could be putting your entire business continuity strategy at risk.

What if you could make disaster recovery the most reliable element of your business continuity plan?

Your business depends on continuity, and you need complete confidence in your ability to recover quickly – no matter what. With the ECI Systems® Disaster Recovery support service, you can have peace of mind that you’ll get back up and running rapidly and reliably—regardless of geography, or the extent of the damage. Our multi-faceted Disaster Recovery Support offers strategic services to help you:

  • Review: Identify new and emerging threats, consider the potential impact of a range of disaster scenarios on your organization, and determine how your plan should change to mitigate any gaps.
  • Test: Ask ECI Systems to transport the requested backup tapes to your hot site or alternate recovery location as part of a simulated disaster recovery exercise. We can even help you restore data on your recovery systems.
  • Evaluate and Refine: Assess your simulated test results to identify gaps and the root cause of failed steps, clarify roles, responsibilities, and timelines for various recovery activities.
  • Implement: We can deliver pre-defined media in a secure ECI Systems vehicle or your trusted third party vendor, establish a “remote vault” at your hot site—even racking and mounting your media for usage until your primary data center is fully operational.
To ensure that your organization is fully prepared with the latest technology, ECI Systems is backed by these industry leading manufacturers: