IT Break-Fix



Break-Fix is a very common business model used by smaller clients, this is often referred to as “Time and Materials” relationships as well..

In the Break-Fix model, the client contacts the vendor when they suspect (or know) that their equipment is not working. Break-Fix relationships often lack proactive remediation of problems and therefore are subject to a less efficient IT infrastructure and increased downtime. Once the potential client has called the IT service provider for help, the client’s productivity is already suffering.

Break-Fix clients traditionally will pay premium prices while receiving minimal service and support, as opposed to advantages gained in other models, like service agreements and managed services.

ECI Systems offers a comprehensive approach in the form of Managed Services and Service Agreements. The managed service model of IT Support – providing proactive maintenance at a flat-fee has been around long enough now, that most small and medium businesses have abandoned the traditional Break-Fix model for obtaining support and it is standard practice for anyone who provides computer support to commercial clients these days.

Having an IT department is no longer a luxury enjoyed only by large corporations. ECI Systems is your 24/7 IT department with an edge that a traditional corporate IT department doesn’t have. Our experienced technicians get to see the latest technology which helps keep your business on the cutting edge. A traditional IT department is normally slow to adapt and change. You won’t have that problem with ECI Systems, by the time a new patch, virus, spyware or software comes out, we have probably already had experience with it in multiple business environments. We also offer computer maintenance plans to prevent common problems from occurring.

Emergency Computer Repair

ECI Systems is here to help your small or medium size business with any computer related emergencies. We can help when your regular computer repair company is closed down, unavailable or too busy for you.

Qualified Technicians

Our technicians are trained and certified to handle a wide variety of issues that effect small and medium sized businesses. ECI Systems can service workstations, servers, laptops, notebooks and perform hardware replacement, spyware removal, virus removal and operating system repair (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2008 Server, Windows Server 2012, and Windows Server 2016).

Most Common Computer Problems We Service
  • Computer has slowed down significantly.
  • Software locks up, freezes, and blue screens of death.
  • The computer reboots or shuts down randomly.
  • Strange noises, clicking sounds or loud fans.
  • Your home page, default search engine, or web browser has changed itself.
To ensure that your organization is fully prepared with the latest technology, ECI Systems is backed by these industry leading manufacturers: