Fire Life Safety SOLUTIONS




Code-compliant fire and life safety systems are required by law to ensure employee safety and the overall welfare of a business. Up-to-date alarm systems guard against invisible hazards such as carbon monoxide and natural gas, both of which can pose a serious threat to life and property.

At ECI Systems we are extremely knowledgeable in designing, installing, servicing and maintaining life safety systems which include fire alarm, mass notification, emergency communication and hazard detection systems ranging in size from small to very large and sophisticated systems. ECI Systems can provide you with the solutions to protect your business from fire and other bio-hazards.

Benefits of a Life Safety System include:

  • Protect your assets and people with monitored fire alarm systems
  • Addressable fire alarm systems pinpoint the exact point of the fire alarm for larger facilities
  • Blast mitigation solutions help limit asset damage and injury due to flying glass and debris
  • Receive notice of critical condition changes, such as severe temperature increase, or decrease, or the presence of water