Software Development

Software Development

Software Development

Today’s Challenges with Software Development

Even though technology spending is back, we know the pressures you face haven’t changed:

  • You’re challenged with getting more for your budget.
  • Your expansion and contraction cycles are shortening.
  • Accelerated product releases are the norm.
Introducing ECI Systems Answer

ECI Systems Development has developed a solution to your high-growth challenges with an innovative business model. It provides software companies with ECI Systems Quality System (QS), an integrated platform of services that transforms the way software is developed, deployed and supported. Using ECI Systems proven technology expertise, advanced agile processes and culturally relevant nearshore talent, our new platform approach exponentially accelerates how you operationalize and scale these strategic functions for the following:

  • Higher-quality software
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Increased profitability
Scaling Capabilities Across the Entire Product Lifespan 

ECI Systems integrated platform of services seamlessly integrates the three key components of bringing your product to market – software development, professional deployment services and on-going customer support. Our platform enables you to automatically operate and scale at a higher level across the product lifecycle:

  • Development Services Deliver Higher-Quality Software. 
  • Professional Services Ensure Successful Deployment and Maintenance.
  • Support Services Increase Customer Retention and Satisfaction.
Exponential Acceleration, Exponential Optimization

By integrating these services, ECI Systems Development gains a more holistic knowledge of the product and is able to monitor performance from various perspectives to increase intelligence sharing and response times between the strategic functions of the business. For on-premise client/server applications or cloud and mobile solutions, QS improves the way products are brought to market.

Exponentially Accelerate Business Performance With ECI Systems Technology, Processes and Resources

ECI Systems QS leverages our technology expertise, advanced agile processes and culturally relevant nearshore talent to cost-effectively accelerate products which are developed, deployed and supported –achieving more predictable and profitable results.

Proven Technology Expertise Ensures Quality and Success

Each member of ECI Systems Development’s senior executive team has over 30 years of experience managing and leading the development, deployment or support functions within successful, fast-growth software companies. Their deep understanding of the challenges and requirements you face is the cornerstone of QS design. We harness this technology expertise to identify and on-board the best and brightest nearshore resources with the skills to match our clients’ specific needs, creating dedicated teams to successfully guide your software development and delivery processes.

Repeatable Processes Increase Productivity

ECI Systems Development’s expertise in Agile and Scrum methodologies provides our clients with consistent collaboration, daily communication and sprint-based execution that bring projects to fruition – faster. We synchronize processes, coordinate team member activities and provide a continuous interface for maximum visibility and control.

Fine Tuned Onboarding Processes Bring the Right Talent in a Timely Manner

ECI Systems Development brings the right talent to a process quickly, allowing for smooth ramp-ups and continuing success. Too often, the recruiting and placing of talent is a slow, time consuming process fraught with headaches. The professionals at ECI Systems Development have refined the process for screening and selecting the right team for a client, saving time, frustration and money.

Nearshore Talent Enables Efficient Collaboration

Operating from development centers in northern Mexico, our nearshore teams provide exceptional technical skills as well as time zone, language and cultural compatibility that is lacking with offshore options. We are able to work in real time and travel easily to keep projects moving and address any challenges that may arise. Our nearshore model creates a significant advantage – providing cost-effective resources with tighter, more engaged collaboration.

To ensure that your organization is fully prepared with the latest technology, ECI Systems is backed by these industry leading manufacturers:

About ECI Systems

ECI Systems is a full-service IT & Security solutions provider focused on enterprise-class electronic security systems and IT Services.

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